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Visa formalities

Over the years, formalities for entering Oman have eased as tourism has been openly promoted and outsiders are finding Oman as a desirable place to visit. If you would like to come to Oman, you must have a valid passport and at least one empty page to stamp your visa.

Who issues visas?

The Royal Oman Police are responsible for the issue of visas to travel to and stay in Oman.  

Staying for no more than 2 weeks?

Short stay tourist visas can be issued on arrival at Seeb International Airport and land border points for tourists intending to stay no longer than two weeks.  The visa is renewable.  Business visas are now also available on entry.

"The tourist visa charge has been reduced from RO 7 to RO 5 and the business visa from RO 12 to RO 7 while residents of the AGCC states visiting the Sultanate need to pay only RO 3 for an entry visa which previously cost RO 7. With effect from 5 January, the three categories of visas will be available on arrival at Seeb international airport or border checkpoints....Citizens of 53 countries, mainly from Europe, Americas and the Far East, are eligible for visa on arrival in Oman."

Oman Observer, 13th December 2001

Children under 18 are likely to be exempt from this fee.

Visit the Royal Oman Police site for details of eligible nationalities, and I'd advise checking with your travel agent too - just in case!

Express visas can be processed in 24 hours and are valid for two weeks. Business visas are now valid for six months with one month staying time.

Transit visas can be issued for 72 hours under the sponsorship of airline carriers.

Tourists arriving by sea may now enter via the ports at Sohar, Sur and Musandam as well as Port Sultan QABOOS in Muscat, and Salalah.  A free visa can be issued for 24 hours.  Thereafter, visitors must pay a fee of RO2.

Visitors to Musandam must pay an additional RO1.

If you apply for a tourist visa at an overseas Omani embassy, you may need to give proof of available funds - according to the telephone service of the Oman Embassy in London, this means showing a letter from your employer, or a recent bank statement, or your last two pay slips.

Tourists coming from Dubai, UAE

You can now obtain joint tourist visas with Dubai which will also enable you to cross the border into Oman.  But PLEASE check with travel agents first!

From the Oman Observer, 13th February 2000.  "The joint tourist visa allowing visitors to travel to the Sultanate and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on a document issued by either country will be implemented this month.

The Sultanate will extend the new facility to nationals of the European and Scandinavian countries, the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, China, South Africa, Singapore, Switzerland, Indonesia and Iceland.

Entry to the UAE will be open for nationals of the European countries, Russia, the USA, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia and China.

Tourists wishing to enter the Sultanate or the UAE by air or road via Hatta or Al Wajajah border points can avail a tourist visa for 30 days for the UAE and three weeks renewable for one week for the Sultanate.  Visas will be issued on arrival of tourists at airports or border points."

If you want to stay longer

To get into Oman to work or stay for an extended period, you need a sponsor.  This can be a friend or relative who already has a work/residence visa there, an Oman-based company or business, an Omani national or a hotel or tourist operator in Oman.

Nationals of other GCC states (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain) do not need visas to enter the country, but will need to show identity cards at the border.

You can get visas yourself from Omani Embassies in your own country (not consulates) or you must ask your friend or relative or business contact in Oman to process your papers there.  If you are planning your trip in advance through a hotel or tour operator, they will handle the visa application for you.

You will need to supply two copies of your passport and up to four passport photographs.  If you are traveling independently, you will be issued with a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for a single entry to Oman, which will be held until your arrival at Seeb International Airport.  Make sure that you have a copy which you can show to the airline with which you are traveling or else you will not be able to board the plane.

I have heard conflicting stories about the length of time required to process visas in overseas embassies.  Some people have received theirs within a day, others have had to wait three weeks or more.  It's best to allow enough time for getting your visa (NOC) when planning your trip.

Multiple-entry business visas now cost RO10 (approximately $38)


Do remember that Thursday and Friday are the weekend for Oman, meaning that in much of the rest of the world, the only matching business days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Oman time is GMT + 4 hours.  Day to day business tends to slow down during the holy month of Ramadan when Muslims are focusing on other concerns.  Because the Islamic year is based on lunar months, Ramadan occurs at a different period each year, so check an Islamic calendar.  Government offices will also be closed during Eid-al-Fitr which follows Ramadan, and Eid-al-Adha which comes 40 days afterwards.






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Map Of Oman






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